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Our Proficiencies

Custom made all types of Optical Lenses.

Custom made all types of Optical Prisms.

Custom made all types of Optical Assemblies.

OEM, capabilities to undertake the manufacturing needs of global brand names for all type of optical products.

Coating, capabilities to design wide variety of optical component finishing based on client’s requirement.

Products Performance Testing, capabilities to do products performance testing based on client’s requirement.

Our Methodology

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a key component in our approach as a high end precision optics manufacturer. Our investment over the years in adopting innovative advanced technology, such as various measuring instruments to ensure product quality and optimal performance results, highlights our responsibility and dedication towards Quality Assurance. 


We ensure that all of our raw materials used are RoHS compliant, with every product passed for environmental testing in accordance to the ISO standard.

Our solid foundations in technical knowledge, dedicated engineering team, and advanced facilities, allow us to run precise product performance tests based on the requirements of our clients. With the implementation of imported advanced technological equipment, coupled with a rigorous, well-controlled and traceable inspection procedure, we are able to provide a certificate of compliance as proof of our product quality. 

All of the raw materials used are RoHS compliance, every products are passed for the environmental testing according to the ISO standard. With our strong technical knowledge base quality engineering team & facilities available, we have abilities to run several product performance testing based on client’s testing requirement. Having assist of imported advanced technology equipment, our inspection procedure are well control, perform & traceable, every products will provide a certificate of compliance for the product quality proven.

Our Quality Assurance facilities are listed below.

Zygo GPI Inteferometer

Trioptics Test Equipment

ASO Centering Scope

Hitachi Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer Universal Reflectance Accessory

Optical MTF System

Olympus Coating Microscopy

Coating Abrasion Test Equipment

Leica Microscope

OGP Smart Scope (Profile Projector)

Keyence (Profile Projector)

Zemax Optical Design Software

Solid Works

Ultimaker 3D Printer

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