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About Hua Yu

Founded in Singapore since the year 2006, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd has enjoyed success over the years by leveraging on Singapore’s prime location as a global trading hub, allowing us to establish fruitful business relations with our clients in the United States and Europe. 


Operating in a niche optical industry, our core business is defined by the manufacturing of customised optical components. These include custom-made lenses, prisms and optical component assemblies. Our products are seamlessly integrated into modern medical instruments and most observation products among many others. 


The experience, expertise and technical know-how of our engineering team, coupled with a rigorous inspection and product quality assurance process, ensure that our products adhere to the strict optical requirements of our clients right from the manufacturing phase. Our value-added services and development of our own management system in protecting the intellectual properties of our clients, provide us with an extra layer of competitive advantage over our competitors.


With the advent rise of technology leading to the significant increase in demand for optical components both in the industrial and consumer markets over the years, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd has adopted a progressive and forward-thinking approach in tapping into this growing demand by holding a diverse portfolio of optical products that cater to a wider market. A greater market presence is proof of our sustainability and adaptability as a modern entity even during periods of economic downturns.   

With an emphasis on building lasting connections and fortifying our business relations with our clients, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd provide our clients a heightened sense of satisfaction and assurance. 

Our claim to provide the best products and services to our clients allow us to build reliable long-term relations with our clients, defining our way to greater success in the optical industry.

The 2 marketing strategies adopted by Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd are:

To increase & expand more businesses with current clients by developing more precision products to make in Singapore.  Recommendation from our clients to introduce more customers for us due to the good quality of products we supplied.

Vision & Mission

Having started back in 2006, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd has always stayed true to its management vision of  


Building loyal and lasting relationships with our customers by ensuring product and customer service excellence.

The vision of the company is further reinforced by 6 mission statements which are carefully crafted as such.

Because the customer has a need. We have a job to do.

Because the customer has a choice. We must be the better choice.

Because the customer has sensitivities. We must be considerate.

Because the customer has urgencies. We must be quick.
Because the customer is unique. We must be flexible.

Because the customer has high expectations. We must excel. 

The mission statement  of Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd is “R.I.C.E”.

R – Reliability. We always produce best quality product.

I – Innovation. We always learn new technology.

C - Credibility. We always do as committed.

E – Excellence. We always provide best service.

The company vision and mission statements of Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd strongly echo the objectives in which the company seek to achieve. With a strong emphasis on customer service, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd has enjoyed success in the optics industry by staying competitive and developing a strong base of loyal customers over the years.

Board Of Directors

Lee Chee Teck

Managing Director

R. Kitazawa

Director Of Strategy

C.M. Wong

Director Of

Quality & Engineering 

Derek Lee

Director Of Operations

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