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Our Service

Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd is a specialist of the optical industry. We are a local brand based in Singapore. As a supplier of high end precision optical products, we provide an extensive one-stop solution service to our clients. 

Our capabilities extend to supplying a variety of high end precision optical components, such as performance lenses and prisms, and also optical component assemblies for our clients to incorporate seamlessly with their final products. 

Advanced machining technology and a battalion of dedicated experienced staff allow us to support our clients with a wide range of optical coating finishing, the capability to customise specifications according to the requirements of our clients, and a highly effective turnover time in customised products. 

With the growth of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies in recent years, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd has also expanded our experience, capabilities, and Research & Development resources to adequately support our OEM clients, and make any OEM integration a glowing success.

Our confidence in our strong technological know-how, R&D resources, extensive one-stop solution services, competitive pricing, work ethics and unparalleled efficiency, allow us to meet the highly defined optical demands of our clients effectively. 

We take our clients by the hand from the early stages of product manufacturing and development, including planning, design and case study, to achieve a bespoke journey in precision optics with us. 

Together with our reliability, experience and expertise, we seek to maintain a fulfilling long-term relationship with our clients, growing into a brand that our clients can count on to satisfy their optical needs. 

Our Story

Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd was established since year 2006. Over years of success in the market, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd expanded to employ a team of 37 staff members with extensive experience, strong technical knowledge, and high competency in handling a variety of projects. The dedication of our team allows us to provide absolute quality assurance in our services to our clients. This marks our commitment in customer satisfaction and constructing the best precision optical products for extensive applications.


The significant increase in demand for optical components in the market has led to the advancement in technological equipment in supporting optical design. This led to the invocation of forward-thinking changes to Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd since year 2015. These changes include the expansion of our factory, investment in new instruments, construction of a brand new optical component assembly room equipped with the latest technological equipment, and also the expansion of our finished good storage facilities to better combat the growing demands of our clients. 


Along with such changes, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd was successfully awarded the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate in year 2015. This is a proof of our outstanding ability to consistently provide cutting edge products and services to meet the requirements of our clients, and effective application of the system to enhance customer satisfaction, adding a layer of confidence in us to our clients.


Our simple approach in tying together product development, service development and business development, allows us to ensure the quality of our products, and to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

To achieve greater efficiency in turnover time for our orders, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd maintains a high volume of inventory in favourable storage facilities. Despite the increase in inventory holding costs, we concern ourselves with the comfort level and the reduction of production downtime for our clients. Our philosophy of more than “JUST IN TIME” in application allows us to complete the orders of our clients in the shortest time frame possible.


Our modus operandi of ensuring customer satisfaction as our top priority, and dedicating ourselves to provide the best of service to every client, fortifies us as an outstanding brand within the optical industry.


We work with the

best brands in the world

Since year 2006 until present, Hua Yu (S) Pte Ltd acquires strong business relations with our major clients via responsive service, outstanding quality product and competitive pricing. Over the years of success in the market, we have come to associate ourselves with some of the biggest brands in the world. Our clients are based mainly in the United States, Europe and Singapore.

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Operating Hours

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Monday To Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
2 Tuas Drive 1,
Singapore 638669

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6508 9388
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